Firstly, all the necessary checks are carried out so that the purchase is performed in complete safety and with all the necessary guarantees and information so the customer can make the decision to proceed with the investment.

This includes a detailed survey and professional opinion on the property, as well as its legal and town planning status.

In relation to the urban situation, if irregularities are found, the possibilities of making the property legal are studied in collaboration with architects with recognised experience.

The customer is also informed about any possible future development of the property (renovations, extensions). In the case of a building land purchase, this includes legal and technical advice on construction possibilities.

Particular attention is paid to the prospects of income from the property, informing the customer about local regulations regarding tourism and residential rentals.

In collaboration with a firm of experienced tax experts, specific and detailed information is provided on all tax aspects of the investment transaction, including both local and national post-acquisition tax obligations.

The methods and the path to proceed with the purchase is studied together with clients, assisting them in the potential establishment of commercial companies, as well as in relation to the operation of foreign companies in Spain.

Marco Bricola is also responsible for all the preparatory work, from obtaining the NIE in the case of foreigners, to managing contacts with local banks in order to open current accounts and make use of bank financing, preparing purchase proposals, reserving documents and preliminary deeds or contracts, to collaborating with public notaries in the drafting of all the documents necessary to formalise the purchase.

Marco Bricola accompanies the client at all times, until the signing of the deed of sale and the mortgage loan, where applicable, and takes care of is responsible for paying the transaction costs, as well as paying any taxes related thereto, completing all necessary formalities until the final registration of the title of ownership.